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topless oscars wild ride


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hey gang I bought 3 oscars wild ride machines yesterday.I got them for cheap but all 3 of them are missing the top lid where the gumballs is a 9 inch lid that has a hole on each side where the locks go.does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could use and where to buy it?ok manufactureing has lids that are 10 and a half inches that may work but at 40 bucks plus shipping I want to see if theres anything else out there that would be almost certain to work,I dont want to waste the 50 bucks for something shipped to me that may not work.

I would like to use that as a last resort if possible.the lids for the mini spiral are 7 and a half inches and possibly wouldn`t work.I will need to measure to be sure.any ideas?

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I went ahead and ordered the smaller lid wich should work,with some modifications.I have an oscar for parts and I just bought 2 working and 1 non for 200 bucks.I can get the 3rd one to work with my part machine.I am glad they were so cheap because the lid for a spiral is 35 bucks for the small one.

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i've seen a few of the oscar's wild ride for sale here and there. how to they compare to revenue to something like a wowie zowie? how many mechanical and motor parts are there in the "wild ride"?

They are bulky and heavy I would just do a spiral.

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