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New England Travel Guide


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Ok, so the final colors have reached their peak and are fading.  The cold weather is coming and you are about to come to New England to go skiing.  I'm excited, I have a few good locations at ski areas in Vermont.  I thought I would give the visitors of New England a little travel guide.

WICKED - means "really good".  WICKED AWESOME means "that is the best of the best"

GRINDER - A sub-like sandwich

PACKY - A place to buy liquor.  Please note the PACKIES in New Hampshire usually close at 5PM

FLAT LANDER - Someone not from Vermont.  If you have lived in Vermont 20 years, if you were not born there you are still a FLAT LANDER

NOR' EASTER - A big storm known to drop up to 24" of snow in the winter months. 

JERSEY - To screw something up.  A popular Vermont bumper sticker is "Don't Jersey Vermont"

DUSTIN'  - Usually 1"-5" of snow.

1986 WORLD SERIES - It is forbiden to speak of this event.  You can't mention names like Mookie Wilson or Bill Buckner.

BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME - The place people come to visit - but if your a native, you've never been there.

MAN on the MOUNTIAN - The New Hampshire land mark that is on every highway sign in New Hampshire, but does not exist anymore. It's a sore subject in New Hampshire, so don't ask where you can see it.

The Pike - Also known as the Turnpike or Interstate 90 East and West

Rt 128 - This is in most parts also I-95.  If you are heading North on 128 most likely you are actually going East.  If it's between 3PM and 7PM and someone is driving in the "break down lane"  or the shoulder, that is OK.

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Great thread Blue!

Being from Mass as well, let me add some...

Here are a few terms that I had to learn when I moved here from Tennessee.

FRAPPE - A milkshake

JIMMYS - Chocolate "sprinkles" for your ice cream. (sprinkles are rainbow colored while Jimmy's are all chocolate)

ELASTICS - Rubber bands

BUBBLER (pronounced Bubblah) - A water fountian.

TONIC - Soda

CLICKER or MOTOR - The remote control of your TV

And my personal Fave, ROTARY! - A place where everyone looses all common sense. ;D

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Nice Steve! Good ones......

I remember when I got my first GPS and the voice said "Take the 3rd exit at the round-a-bout".  I remember saying what the &*$%^ is a round-a-bout.  I discovered very quickly is was a Rotary. 

Another one, not sure if this was a fluke.  I was in New York City and asked for a sandwich on a Kiaser Roll, the lady looked at me like I was an alien and told me the roll I was pointing to was a "water roll".

Oh yea, one more.  I know this is a crime in New York, but New Englanders DO actually toast their bagels (by default).

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Here is two....or three

a toboggan is a sled that you go sliding in the snow with, but apparently in other parts of the country a toboggan is a winter style knitted hat. we also go down to Maine (which is usually to the north of where you are) and go up to Rhode Island....

we refer to Coke and Pepsi as soda, not pop. tonic is a Boston area thing, dear..... :-*

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frape` is Italian for milk shake too!small useless bit of info lol

btw I toast any kind of bread I eat if possible from toast to ciabata bread to bagels!

If you are from New York City, it is a sin to toast a bagel. 

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