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Chads report


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well here is my first post in here. Its my latest collection

pizza place                           9-8 to 11-3         57.00  Dentyne ice

Staples breakroom               9-6 to 11-07      8.25      Dentyne Ice

Auntie Annes at walmart      9-28 to 11-08    21.00    Dentyne Ice

Machine shop breakroom      9-28 to 11-08   10.50    Dentyne Ice

indoor soccer center             9-28 to 11-08    35.00    Dentyne Ice

pizza palce                            9-6 to 11-3        6.25     Dentyne Ice

Hot tub show room               9-28 to 11-08    3.00     Dentyne ice

giant food breakroom           9-28 to 11-03     45.00    triple head

doctors office breakroom       9-28 to 11-08    8.00    triple head

jc penny breakroom              9-28 to 11-08     6.00    triple

catering place breakroom     9-28 to 11-08     21.00  triple head

doctor office breakroom        9-28 to 11-08     26.00  triple head

auto shop wait room            9-28 to 11-08     24.00  triple

Boscovs break room             9-28 to 11-03    17.00    triple head

Telemarketing breakroom      9-28 to 11-08   21.00   triple head

childrens center breakroom   9-28 to 11-08   13.50    triple head

i have 4 others that need collected. Ill report them next time

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well as you can see I have a few that are doing awesome but some that are doing terrible. Ill need to find a new location for them. I think they do well in high traffic places but not so well in locations that have the same people all the time. They arent like with the candy machines where we get loyal customers that buy everyday.

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