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Zinc Alloy = All Metal


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Hello Guys,

I read that for area that is not very secure, it is better to have all metal machine.

Now I see that some china made machines said they are made of Zinc Alloy.

Question is how metal is those metal ?

Any comment and input will be appreciated.



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My understanding is that the shiney part of the mechs are all made from zinc alloy.  This may be what they mean.  The entire machine should not be made of zinc alloy, just the shiney parts.

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Zinc is a metal. Alloy just means a blend of metals. For example, brass = copper + zinc.

Disclosure for the chemists out there. Technically an alloy is a blend of elements where the result is still a metal (e.g., Steel = Iron + copper) - not necessarily all metals.

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Zinc alloy is considered to be a very soft metal.  I have experience with it when I worked in the metal antiques field.  Many very old tea sets from the 19th century were cast out of that metal compound if they were not made of sterling.  This soft metal has a tendency to break and crack.  But it basically does the job for us in vending with coin mechs etc.

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