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Gun, this has been discussed here (recently). If you do a search you can find some threads on it.

However, bottom line, electrical costs vary (greatly) by location, so your costs will be very different than mine for the same machine.

Do you know what you pay per kWhr? I think with that the other threads can help you do some estimating (they can tell you how much juice a machine like that will take)


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Without lights these machines do not kick on very often (not like a refrigerator opening and closing all day) so the usage would be very very light.  If you call your local utility they will probably tell you these units do not register enough to provide measurements.  But if you have the numbers available they can give you an estimate.  I approached this type of question with a response like this:" If you want to be reimbursed for possible electrical costs I can increase the cost of each product and give you a percentage of the sales or I can keep the price low and you can cover the electric use as a benefit to your employees."  Then I would give them my bottom line pricing and tell them we could increase that price for electric.  Most companies wanted to keep it low and just let it go.


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