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what are 10 popular items for my new machine!?

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I bought a refridgerated m and m machine,it has ten selections.I know snickers,peanut butter cups and the small bags of pmm are a given,but other then that what else should I sell out of it?do we all agree that the 3 items I said are top sellers?the machine is going outside close to a school.

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If you are going to have a machine where lots of kids are around you need some candy items. Skittles and/or some kind super sours would be my suggestion.

do you think these will taste good refridgerated at 60 degrees?would choclate items be better suited for this kind of machine?
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I went with these items for any of you that may get a machine like this(machine comes tomorrow):

wild berry skittles


reeses p b cups



p butter  mm

3 muskateers

kit kat



I dont eat much candy but some I know are popular others were recomended or talked positively on here and some were my wifes recomendation.I only got one box of each.I didnt realize that these candy bars had such a long shelf life,about a year it seems is average,but with winter comeing I choose to only start with a box of each.hopefully I`ll need more soon.

I will

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you should have almost zero waste since they will be in a temp controlled unit.

if I can`t sell 24 candy bars (a box usually)of a certain kind in 4 months I will probably switch to something wife says she will sacrifice herself and eat wont is left.
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I would say not to put 10 different things in there. find out what is selling out and put that in 2 slots.

I might put in 2-3 differant kinds of skittles.why do you not recomend 10 diff items if they all will sell pretty well?it holds a lot of items and wont just sell out if thats what you thought,(like I wish it would)
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