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What is this machine?


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This machine is a Planet Antares machine, the all time Biz Op full line vending machine that belongs in the junk yard. I am not just saying this because its the truth but because I have owned several of these machines and let me tell you they are junk! unless you can get them complete with a change machine for less than 150 run away as fast as possible!!!

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Thats an antaries all right. I started out 8 years ago with those. ( no I did not pay 4K a piece for them) Owned 19 of them at one time. Still have a half dozen or so out and about that my teenage son runs. You will not make a forture off them but they have their uses. They are great for little 20 person type office stuff and they can get you into some places that other people do not want to tie up a big machine for. And you never know where that can lead you. I put one in a new company with 10 people 5 years ago. I now have three big bottle, two snack, one coffee and a fresh food  machine at that location and they run three shifts. I have a couple other locations that I have done that with. Use them to get in when nobody else wants to bother with them and see if it goes somewhere. Sometimes it does sometimes you have to give up and pull out  but it beats not being there at all.

Mixer is right i would not pay more than $200 for one

Good Luck

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