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Hints and Tips - Locations in Vend-Trak


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Locations are the heart of your vending business.  When you enter a location in Vend-Trak, the more information you save the better it will serve you throughout the system.  Here are some of the common questions and the fields they relate to:

Address: once you enter the address of the location, you will see the map show up.

POC: this stands for Point of Contact (shortened so it doesn't take too much space).  This is the person with whom you will most often deal with at that location.

Days Until Service: this is the number of days between services.  The calendar on the home screen will automatically populate based on this number.  So if the you type 20 in this field and your last service was on the 3rd, you will see a service notification on th 23rd for that location.

Location Type: this is the type of machine at the location (i.e. bulk, soda, snack).  Choosing a location type will ensure that only those kinds of products are shown in the product drop down lists.

Number of Canisters: basically, this is the number of products you offer (i.e. a "quad head" would have 4 canisters).  This allows you to put a different type of product in each head.

In Service: once a location is created, it can't be deleted.  This is so that no data linked to the location is lost in the system.  If a location is no longer in service, just uncheck the box to remove it from your active list.  If you have a location that has never been used, you can always just use it as your next "new" location by changing the name (be sure there are no services/inventory/etc records associated with it first!  If there are, those will stay linked to that location regardless of what the name is!)

If you have other questions or some tips of your own regarding locations, please feel free to post them here for everyone's benefit!

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