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Newbie from Dallas/Ft Worth


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Hi Everyone, I am a newbie from Dallas/Ft Worth.  I have 70 machines right now.  60 on the street and 10 in my garage gathering dust.   I am getting kinda aggrevated with the ones in the garage but I will keep plugging away.  I am doing a pretty good since I have just been doing this for 4 months.  



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Wow! Our 5th Texan on the board! Must be a hot bed of vending activity down there. Welcome to the board Mark. It's great to have you here. I hope you enjoy yourself and post often. We have a great group of members here who all have a passion for vending.

If you need help getting those machines out there and feel you need a boost from a locator, Our board locator does locations for only $30 or $25 for 11+. If you are interested check him out at either of these 2 threads.




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