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One of the most rewarding parts of the vending business is the income.  Income in the vending business comes from servicing your machines, and Vend-Trak is the perfect tool for recording this part of your business.

Typically, a machine will either be serviced by itself or as part of a route.  In either case, Vend-Trak can be used to capture the income.  If a machine is serviced by itself, simply go to the Services screen and select the location.  This will bring you to a page where you can enter the amount collected from the service (inventory entries and service memos can also be recorded here). 


If several machines are serviced as part of a route, Vend-Trak makes the entry easy!  From the Services screen, select the route that you have serviced to enter your service data.  If you use the Route Service Sheet (under the Reports section), you can quickly enter the information that you have written down as you serviced your machines.

Recording your services automatically allows Vend-Trak to create up-to-date reports on your business' income.  Vend-Trak allows you to break down the income by location, route, month, year, and many other custom ways.  Also, with every service entry, your location's average earnings graph grows to reflect that location's income trend. (See image below)


All of these functions and resulting reports are there to help you manage your business better, and they are all part of the total Vend-Trak experience!

As always, we encourage any current users to post (or PM us) your experience with Vend-Trak.  If you are not a user and are looking for an easy way to manage your vending business, please take advantage of the special for VENDiscuss users by following the link below.

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UPDATE ON CALENDAR AND SERVICES...When you first log into Vend-Trak, you will see a calendar that shows when services are due.  Originally, the calendar updated based on the last time money was collected from a machine.  However, it came to our attention that sometimes people "service" their machines but don't remove any money.  If they did that, then the calendar would report that a service was due - even though it wasn't.

The calendar has been updated to account for this.  The next "service due" will be based on either that last time money was collected or the last time product was added (whichever is most recent).  This update on the calendar logic should give a better idea of when the next services are due.

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