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Refurbing and So Can You!


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Picked Up 5 Vista's the other day. Some are oaks and some are astros. Also got a capsule vend w/ a 25 cent mech. (don't know much about this machine. Can Anyone Help?)


Decided to start by refurbing a double head for an office lunch room. Chose to paint the machine a dark metalic blue. Color matches the companies look and logo.



    Set Up my work area. A table will work fine.


    Gather any tools you already own and think they might help. I was able to find A Wire Brush, Hander Sander (this is my  main weapon) Screw Driver, Flat Head, Welders Gloves, Goo gone


    Make a List & Go get what you need. For me I Went and bought SandPaper, Rustoleum Spray Paint +Primer, Steel Wool


    Begin the process and don't forget to bring the elbow grease.



This is my first refurb project and to be honest I do not have one machine located yet. I hope by doing this I will get a little more out of the experience in bulk vending. I have learned a lot just by doing. Simply just go ahead and dive in. If anything goes wrong, I know that someone on here is willing to help  ;D Thanks to all who Have helped me, I am sure I have read most of your post) I hope this Post will help others and give them the confidence to dive right in, Get your hand dirty!


also if anyone is in need of any parts let me know.

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I see it now! its a "big  oak" 20 inch machine, either buy empty 2 inch capsules and put ping pong balls in them or buy a 1 inch wheel, but I dont know the size of a ping pong ball. I think hillbilly did this at a rec center. ask him what he did.

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I believe there are plastic inserts available from Oak that fit into the product wheel compartments to reduce the size. I have seen them on some machines...it would be worth the phone call to Olivia to ask if they have some that would work for the ping pong balls.



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:) Here is a pic. I will post another one when i get it all assembled. I am waiting for some 25 cent stickers and locks from A&A.

Any suggestions on what to vend out of the other machine? Going into a break room.

(also i put a small chip in my paint when i was putting on the coin mech)  :(


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Yes you could say that! when i was putting it together i put a scratch in the paint. It wasn't too visible but was defiantly visible to me.. So i painted it again and am still waiting. Thinking of putting reeses in the other chamber. Any suggestions for a label? Though about looking for a cardboard box of reeses like you get at the movie theatre and xacto it to fit as a label.. anyone try this before?

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Does anyone have suggestions for getting rid of the spray paint smell? I have let it air out for about 3 days now and still has some odor. Afraid this will turn people off when deciding to buy a gumball. I put a few gum balls in and hoping it will disguise the smell. I will probably not vend these gumballs. any suggestions?

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