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Royal Merlin IV 650 Question


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Something puzzled me when programming my first machine. When setting the vend depth of each column, 2 is for cans if the column is stacked two deep and 1 is for bottles or larger single-depth items. At least that is how I understood it from the manual. When you go into the menu on sdep mode and select all then 2 it changes all columns at once to 2. However, I needed to change three of them to 1 because they were bottles. I did this to column 4, 5, and 6. Everything is fine. I have cans in every column other than 4, 5, and 6. Here's what puzzles me. column 11 and 12 stay on sdep 1. They will not change to 2. The manual says that if a column is stacked two deep and it's set at 1 it will double vend everytime. 11 and 12 are stuck on 1 on the sdep mode and they are loaded two deep but vend just fine one at a time.

Is there a reason why 11 and 12 will not change to 2?

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