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New Member, hello from Northern Virginia


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Hi everyone,

I joined this site yesterday, and I've already learned a ton reading through months of posts in each section.

I'm planning to purchase my first soda/snack vending machines by the end of October, so I'll be doing a lot more reading and learning here.


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Thanks for the welcome!

I work full time and want to start vending part time and see where it goes.  I don't have any experience with vending, but I plan to get a couple used machines that are already placed in the next few weeks and see how it goes. 

I've enjoyed reading the success and not so success stories here and learning lessons.  I think I can avoid a lot of mistakes I would have made and spot scams better.  I also have a more realistic idea of what kind of gross I can hope to get.  There is a lot of bad or incomplete information on the web, but the forums here are awesome. 

Here is a question - Starting out, is it easier to get a couple of cheaper used machines on location or buy used machines on craigs/local ebay and try to place them myself?  I'm a little reluctant to try to sell a location on letting me supply their vending when I have no clue what I'm doing.  At least with an established location, I can learn on the go and maybe ask the seller questions when I run into issues. 


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Hi Matt,

                  It really all depends on how you are set up.  One thing to consider with buying machine and placing them yourself, is that unless you live close to a professional moving company,  You are going to have to rent/buy a vehicle with a lift gate, you will need a vending dolly with kickout wheels (unless you want to kill yourself) plus all the proper insurance etc.

Buying machines on location is a crap shoot.  Generally the seller will inflate the gross income to make it sound good for the money he is wanting for them.  Unless you know the seller well,  think of the seller as a person wanting your money and the heck with your future.  Some sellers have machines on location for sale, because they are losing the location and only have so many days to move the machines so they off load them on a person that is just getting into vending.

Also, it may be a dud of a location.  always ask for proof of income etc.  If it is a branded machine ex, Coke  or Pepsi,  get the serial number and call them to make sure it is NOT a 3rd party machine..  When I first started looking for machines on location,  I was looking at a 3 stop route which was decently priced.  I called Coke and Pepsi to run the serial numbers, and wouldn't you know it,  The  machines the bozo was trying to sell me on this route actually belonged to coke and pepsi!

So you have to constantly watch yourself and your back for that matter.

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So to keep this thread updated, I purchased two locations each with a drink and snack machine.  My first collection was Friday and it was pretty cool to pull out $135 after 9 days.  I think that both locations have been neglected and can do better.  In both drink machines only 6/8 selections were really being used.  I'm printing new labels right now to put in the the other 4 slots so that should immediately help.  I'm also going to completely re-stock the snack machines on Tuesday with better items and raise the prices slightly.  I also purchased another snack machine on location this week and will fill that up as well on Tuesday.  So I guess I'm up to 5 machines and enjoying this so far.

Both the people I've purchased the machines from and the people I've met and talked to at the locations have been interesting and fun people, so that's a bonus.  I think for me with the full time job, going the drink/snack route with relatively few locations will be easier than the bulk route with many locations, so that's what I'm doing. 

Thank you to those of you who have offered welcomes and advice and tips!  It is much appreciated and makes me feel like I'm not going this totally alone.       

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