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anyone from virginia

Greetings all.  Vending newbie here, from Hampton Roads (specifically Newport News), VA.

I am a 40 year old husband and father of two who has finally realized that I'll never get paid what I'm worth as long as someone else is determining what that value is.

Vending looks like a vibrant, exciting opportunity to generate some cash flow.  I'm in education mode right now, trying to find out more about the mechanics of running a vending business.  I personally am impressed by some of the technology in the newer full line machines.  But I think just starting out, I'm leaning towards bulk vending.  For now.  I'm looking forward to learning from some of you and learning with others.

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Welcome to the group.  i don't think there is a better resource for learning the vending biz out there.

By the way go ahead and start your own thread.  Don't hide down in another discussion.

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