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Nuts in 2" Capsules ?


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I work at a busy government agency 40 hours a week (about 70 employees, 24 hours a day). We have a soda and snack machine that is ran by a few of us to pay for our Christmas Party, DirecTV, Newspaper, etc...

Someone asked me today if I could vend Nuts and or Trail Mix in capsules so we can grab them and snack on during meetings, between breaks, on the way home, etc...

I have tried to vend nuts (Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds) before and I know how messy they can be and tear a machine up in a few short months.

I spoke with the other folks on our vending committee and they said since the machine was mine that I could just pay $5 a month commission to keep it there and pocket the rest.

It actually sounded like a good idea. It may take a few minutes to fill them, but save some time in clean up overall.

I could do Nuts and or Trail mix, I guess

I have several NW 50 Cent machines that are in the final stages of restoration and looking for a home. I could probably sneak some Runts, Gumballs and Mike and Ikes in there too in a small rack.


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Originally I had the Blue Diamond plain almonds, in which I bought the 3,000lb bulk pack that will last me 12 billion years. I vacuum sealed the remaining portion, but still ended up overstocking the machine... and ended up with a batch of stale almonds that nobody was touching. :)

The other day I picked up 2 of these containers of the Blue Diamond Smokehouse almonds, which are nicely salted and seasoned... and have a lot more flavor than the plain almonds. Personally I think these will sell like crack compared to the plain stuff. 2 containers equaled 71 2" capsules. I theorize these will last me a month with the increase in volume.

Here's the label I made. Knock yourself out. You can pick up the product from Costco.

Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds PDF Label

I'm considering doing another variety of flavored almonds in the other 2" machine, but I currently have trail mix in it which does OK but not fantastic. I think my main problem is that most employees have gotten bored with the lack of switching it up.

BTW, 1 capsule fits approximately 1 oz.

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