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Tell the FDA your thoughts on calorie disclosure in vending rules

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From a NAMA Legislative alert:

NAMA encourages all vending operators to send comments to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding their proposed federal rules for calorie disclosure in vending. In March 2010, Congress passed health care reform legislation. In this new law, those who own or operate 20 or more vending machines will have to disclose the calories of all food and beverages sold in vending machines. Now the FDA has proposed rules on how vending machine operators will have to label or post that calorie information, and they are inviting the public to comment on those draft rules.

To send the FDA your thoughts about their proposed rule you can click here. You can also use www.regulations.gov and search on Keyword or ID: FDA-2011-F-0171-0001. Then click on "submit comment."

NAMA is arguing to the FDA that a poster is an appropriate medium to convey the required calorie declarations, so long as the sign is in close proximity to the covered vending machine food or selection button. Your association also supports allowing electronic and "front of package" nutrition information as an effective way to provide visible nutrition information. For additional information contact Sandy Larson at slarson@vending.org

Did you get the part where they are trying to get the front of package labeling as an accepted way to provide this information? We all need to support this effort, it will make compliance so much simpler.

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