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Git-er done Locator

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Git-er-done Locator will come to you and discuss you r locating needs. We will then do in person locating. ....introduce you to owners before accepting pay. They can be reached at 773 798-8872 will travel if job is large enough.

$40 bulk

$150 racks

$175- $200 snack or soda

Discounts for large orders

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This locator sounds the best out of all that I have looked at so far! Im going to jot your number down and possibly give you a call when I start to expand

This "danielrubin" post sure seems fishy to me.

I have not tried Git-er Done so I have no first-hand experience with them.

They may be great locators.

But, I find it hard to believe that danielrubin's post is genuine.

Why is Git-er-done the "best" in your view, bud?

Git-er-done joined the forum 2 months ago.

They were only active for 10 days.

They have not logged back in to post since 5/31/11.

No introduction post, no other questions to ask, no help offered to members with questions.........just this post?

This post seems very fishy indeed danielrubin.

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