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Silly Ebay People


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Usually I ignore it, but I couldn't help it. It was a triple play he was selling for 297. And, It was missing a lock.

From: thrifty

To: jacksvacshack

Subject: Details about item: thrifty sent a message about Used Northwestern Triple Candy Gumball Vending Machine #260790686510

Sent Date: May-25-11 21:18:38 PDT

Dear jacksvacshack,

Hello, hmmmm why would anyone pay 60 dollars above a new one from

sam's club that is complete unlike yours?:huh:???? doh

- thrifty

To this he says this:

"Dear thrifty,

thank you for your input my reserch showd the were selling for 349 i lowerd the price to 197 if you interested


- jacksvacshack"

Wow. I would show you the listing, but it looks like he took it down.

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A lot of those sellers make me wonder too. But if they can get it, more power to them I guess. I see people selling their used crap all the time for more than the retail price.

Check out Valentine One radar detectors. They sell for $399 directly from their websites, but they're regularly listed for $450-$500+ by 3rd party Ebay sellers.

A fool and his money...

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