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I need a CD-6 Satellite Can Drink Machine Review

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Can someone give me a review for the CD-6 Satellite Can Drink Machine?

-and- the matching snack machine the GF-19.


There is the link to the manual, I'm sure of the model number yet, I'm going to look at it this week.

How much do these normally go for?

Thanks :)

Those are USI machines, some of my friends and I call them "black pairs". From the pic looks like around '94-'97 for manufacture date. I've had a number of pairs over the years, pretty decent little workhorses. Good for locations up to 100/week in sales (you will need to service 2X weekly at this volume and would probably be better served with bigger equipment). Very easy to move with one person if you have the right equipment.

The drink columns are all the same size, each will hold 1.5 cases of cans and only cans. Which is a drawback if you have a flavor that is much more popular than the others, you will have to service more frequently or double up on that flavor to avoid run outs. Something to look at specifically is the "umbilical cord" that runs from the drink to hook up in the snack. I have had to repair/splice/replace wires in the harness many times due to wires being broken when the machine is moved around or bounced and the cord is pulled tight. I have also on occasion bolted the machines together to make it harder to move them around. Make sure the display cans are empty, the springs that hold them in place will eventually cause a leak and make a big mess if you don't.

If its in good shape and everything works I would be willing to up around 1K for it.

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