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recharge the freon?


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I know its not called that anymore, but that's what I am still gonna call it.

So one of my machines compress decided to freeze over the weekend. What equipment do I need to recharge the system? I have the dryer to use and gauges already, but is that all i need?


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the coils inside the machine were covered in ice. much like it would be in your house AC. When I bought the machines I did clean the fins on the compressor.

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Was the ice across all the coils or just a portion on them? Is the machine inside or out? Did it happen just once or multiple times?

A couple of things to do.

Turn off the compressor to defrost the machine via the thermostat

Turn the therm back on only 1/4 turn after it is completely defrosted

Check that the door flap on the outer door is not sticking.

Make sure the door gasket is clean and not ripped

when closing the door make sure it snugs up tightly (do not overtighten)

I wouldn't go into the system for one freeze up unless you are 100% sure it is low. There are many other reasons that a machine can freeze up.

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