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Anyone here from Georgia?


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I believe a few days ago I posted an ad in the classifieds for 9 locs near Atlanta.

Man, I really thought people would jump on it.

Anyone near Atlanta on here? I bet there are folks in georgia on here......

So, does my ad look like I am selling crap locations? If so, I can definately say that

I purchased machines/parts and the locs/product were just a bonus. I am not pruning my route and

unloading unsavory locations on my fellow members. I am selling because the area

is a little too far from where I live. Right now the machines are on locations earning.

I actually do not know what each loc grosses, the guy said some do 3-5 bucks some do 40.

(they guy I bought them from did not seem that organized, he came across as very LAX)

But, I think 9 locs for 200 is good.

Here is the list of locations I stated in the ad:

Insurance agency



Insurance agency

Auto shop

Phone store

Mexican Bakery

Carribean Restaurant

Auto shop

Trailer shop

Do you all think that it is a good deal or not? Give me some feedback.

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