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This forum is exactly what I needed to find....

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This forum is exactly what I needed. Hope all is well for everyone. I am from the Baltimore, MD area and am considering to invest on a touchscreen video game machine to place in a bar. Like most people I have many questions and dont really know anyone to ask.

Any advice or info provided will be greatly appreciate. So I want to thank you all in advance.

- Is there any particular model to consider purchasing?

- How much should I expect to earn in an average local bar? (Total / w/ split)

- Are contracts typically used between the operator and bar owner? If so, where can I get a commonly used copy?

- What is an average cost for repairs? and should I expect a lot of repairs?

- Any advice on how to get started?

- Do you provide your own insurance for your machine or is it covered under the bar/business owners insurance policy?

- Is a split with the owner always needed? if so, is it usually 50/50

Please note: I will be starting on a very small budget. I am considering buying one when I have found a home for it. Using my earnings to buy another and keep it growing as I progress.

I want to thank you all in advance for any advice/info provided.


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