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parts for one of those 4-spin machines


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Saw an ad on craigslist for one of those 4-spin machines that offer 4 different products and spin around on the poll. Low and behold, the guy who placed the ad lived on my block. Went down to look at it and it was a good deal except the piece that dropped down into the stand that collected the money, had no key to it. How hard is it to find replacement parts for this machine, or to re-key it? The machine looks kind of like this, only a little bigger and made up of black plastic.


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That machine is made by Vendesign.

Not bad machines.

I personally like them better than the U-turn.

However, ideal locations for this machine are not easy to find.

I own several myself and use them in spots perfect for it's design.

But, again...not every location is best served by this machine.

In general, parts for this model are not hard to find.

But, I have had zero problems with my Vendesigns and I got them used as part of a route I bought.

So if the machine has not been abused, you should have plenty of trouble free years with it.

If you are interested I have canisters (coin banks) for this machine with keys.

Sent you a PM.

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