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Blowing a fuse


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A DN 501 that i purchased used is blowing a fuse every time i plug it in. After 20 seconds it shuts it down.

Any thoughts?



When you say blowing a fuse do you mean the electrical circuit breaker

If so the best way to troubleshoot this is to break things down one at a time.

The first step for me is if possile plug the machine into a different outlet to see if that one trips too, could be a weak outlet or a circuit with too many things on it, I have used a heavy duty extension cord with 12 ga wire before just to plug it in to an outlet in the next room.

If the second outlet trips or you cant get to one then I would unplug or disconnect the compressor and see if it trips still. Then go from there. Next I would disconnect the evaporator fan and so on and so on untill you can plug in the machine and the breaker or fuse doesnt trip. Then whatever the last thing you disconnected was start putting everything back but that and that will confirm whether that was it or not. I believe That after 20 seconds the compressor is trying to kick on and it is bad and pulling too much current or there are too many things on the circuit you are trying to use.

Hope that this is helpful

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