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Speed Problems should be over

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yeah man I hate when orders take too long so I put Franco who has been with me since the begining as customer care rep. your locs will be coming though him. the tele's will send to franco and he wil ck with the contact and make sure they said yes and they are the right person and then shoot to you and cc me. BUT it still will happen that they will tell us yes on the phone to get us off and then tell you no whan you get there.It seems to happen dang near one out of 5...I give one turn down per 5 free. cant do more than that at that price. Like always I want everyone to have a good experience but it just wont be. I have not been one here in 100 years but I have room for about 4 new orders. we will only do 5 at a time I think from now on so we can knock it out in 5 biz days or less and reup once you place all 5.

email me is best at eddiebauerjr@gmail.com or go to the site www.eddiebauervending.com and you can order there too


eddie bauer jr

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