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Finally a Craigslist Find


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I have been searching craigslist for months for deals and nothing until today!

I purchased this "Revolution" spiral gumball machine. It is about 5 feet tall with a beaver mech. It is in very good shape and it even has a vend counter on the back!

I only payed 50.00 for the machine. How good of a buy was this? Does anyone own any of these?



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You stole my friend good job. Clean kitchen must not have kids. Lol.

Or, like any good parent would do, he keeps them locked up in their dungeon. :lol:

I think the best way to raise children would be to have a separate wing of the house, almost like a safe room, where you're never going to be prone to stepping on a Matchbox car and having a near-death experience while you're walking through the kitchen with the lights off at 3am. All you'd need is a door that they know they can never walk through, with an array of security cameras, similar to the Big Brother TV show. Or maybe it would be more like Truman Show. Basically completely segregated living quarters.

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