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Hello All, Newbie looking to learn


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Hey all,

My name is Benny, and i am currently a full time student in college in Massachusetts. So i cam across someone selling vendesign vending machines for $25 a peice and saw $$$ instantly. I did a little reaserch and decided i would buy what he had left and give it a go. Turns out all the machines were in really good condition! I bought the 5 machines he had left. He was selling them to his friends for their man rooms......LOL So far i have places 1 machine on my own at a real estate office, and paid Kickstartlocations.com to find me a location for 1. I thought i might test them out and see if its a good idea before i pay for the other 3. I am open to plenty of suggestions and hope i can get the hang of things. I dont think i have figured out the right combinations of candys for my machines, but i have figured out that everyone loves peanuts! Hope to hear from everyone soon! Thanks

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