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501T? Motor Vending Problem?


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i have this dixie narco vending machine.

Im still not exactly sure what model it is but im pretty certain that its a 501 T Mc model.

It has 2 double columns on the way right and 1 double column on the way left. and then 5 narrow columns in the middle.

problem is that sometimes when i go to the machine i see on the lcd a flashing red dot. which means that something didn't vend and the machine took someones money.

when i open and close the machine the can of soda falls out no big deal. but it keeps getting stuck.

i spoke to one local guy here and he said that it happens because the motors get old and really cold and they dont stop properly.

he recommended an easy fix by taking a whole bunch of wd 40 and lubing up the motor and holding down the motor brake and just lubing the white switches and stuff.

im just really lost because i dont even know what a motor brake is?

i need some help fixing these stuck columns.

i will be really adamant about trying to get you any info that you need to help.

thanks a lot i really appreciate it .

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wd 40 , has fixed these problems for me in the past, it is the first thing to do......if u still have probs, replace the motor, thats why they sell them still...but most likely wd40 is the fix

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