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Bill Validator rejecting already accepted bills


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I've got a snackshop 7600 with a MEI Series 2000 bill validator

I can get it to accept the bill and make one transaction. However, the next time it will accept the bill, show a credit of $1 and then spit the bill back out when you make your selection.

I've cleaned the validator and have a solid red light - no errors

I have plenty of change

The product costs $1 and I've checked it

I've unplugged and then unplugged the validator. When I start up, it works once and then not a second time.

It sill take coins, just not bills.

Anything else I can do without switching it out? Is it a board issue?



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The only other thing it could be besides the board, is the coin mech. Try that first. I would switch boards next. What happens with the LED light on the board during the first and second transaction, and does it do the same thing with the door open?

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It may actually be in the validator. It has something to do with the final communication after the selection is made. It's goes kinda like this.

val-Hey someone is trying to insert a bill can I take it

mach-Sure we got change

val-Ok I'll take it

val-I got it

mach-ok we'll let them buy something

mach-wait a minute something is wrong

val-ok, I'll give them the bill back.

Electronically it is a very primative way to do things but back in the day it worked. So try the val before the board.

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