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Finally did the math on locator warranty


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Here is an example to explain this:

Buy 10 locations for a double head machine

1. With a Platinum warranty $42.00 x10 locations = $420

2. No Warranty $32.00 x 10 locations = $320

With the Platinum Warranty you get 3 free relocations the first 90 days, so........

If you replace 3 locations with the Platinum for free you had 13 locations found and it costs you the original $420

If you replace 3 locations with the No Warranty plan you have to pay for the 3 relocations at $32 each. So it cost you the original $320 + $32 x 3 = $96 for a total of $416

WOW... it is cheaper to buy the No Warranty location and pay for any relocations you may need.

What if you only need to replace 2 of them in the first 90 days with the No Warranty plan? Then you only paid $384. compared to $420 for the same result.

Do the math yourself.

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Nothing new about that concept. Its often better to skip the warranty on many items such as cars, appliances, electronics, etc. Warranties benefit consumers who want peace of mind and dont feel like doing the math, or dont know the industry well enough to decide if a warranty is worth it or not.

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Ironic. I never did the math on this. I just started getting them with warranties when I was new to the game. I'll be buying some 20$ relocates soon because over the last 2 years I've had some kick outs & pulls for exceptionally poor performance. I forgot the relocate was limited to 30%.

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