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Mars 6800-H


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Bought a rebuilt one and installed it in a 1997 Dixie can machine. Worked great when I first put it in and then quit accepting quarters the same day. There is a red light on inside the coin mech that says (BLOCKER) I have tried tuning but maybe I'm doing that wrong. Please help!!

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Yes most of the time takes nickels and dimes. But tuning procedure really doesnt fit this old of a machine. How am i supposed to tune it exactly?

Does it accept nickels and dimes? If not it is probably the machine and not the mech. If it takes them then we need to tune the bad boy.

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Here is the tuning procedure:

  • Power down the machine.
  • Unlatch and remove the acceptor from the mech, but do not unplug it from the main board.
  • On the TRC-6800H, you will see two sets of pins behind the acceptor once you remove it, protruding from the main board cover half way down.
  • Take a screwdriver (I use a medium Phillips) and short the two upper pins. While holding the screwdriver in place as the short, power up the machine again, and hold the short there for about 6 seconds.
  • Remove the short, and replace the acceptor.
  • Insert in this order, 2 nickels, 2 dimes, 2 quarters, 2 dollar coins, (if you do not want the changer to accept dollar coins, press the coin return lever twice instead of inserting 2 dollar coins.)
  • Power down the machine, and power back up again. Test the changer.
  • NOTE: If ANY coins are accepted during the tuning process, you have either not shorted the pins right, or you shorted the wrong pins. Try the process again if this happens.

Try this first and see if a change is made.

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