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CB 700


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I don't have any CB700's, but I run a lot of CB500's and I have this problem eventually with all of them. Is it random, or selection specific? There is several spots to check:

1. The cradle (the part that turns to drop a can) can get a burr on the edge. Run your finger down the edge to feel for rough spots. You can fix this with light sanding with a piece of sandpaper. This would be a selection specific failure.

2. Protruding brackets or support structure. Sometimes the metal brackets can stick out too far and pop cans. This usually happens at the far sedge selections (for you would be 1,6,7,10). This would also be a selection specific failure. If it is hitting an edge you can take a piece of plastic 1/4 tubing, cut it long ways and force it over the edge. It will stay without glue.

3. On the CB500 (not sure if the 700 is like this but I would think so) they used a flat piece of metal for the back of the delivery area. The top edge of this metal has U shaped cuts in it. When the drink pops through the delivery door it can be resting on these U shaped cuts with sharp edges, then when the customer tries to pick it up it bumps into the anti theft bar, forces the top of the can down and pops a hole. This can be fixed with a piece of tubing like #2. This could happen with random selection, but usually only some of the selections will deliver a drink in the correct orientation to make it happen.

After it happens look in the machine. Do you have soda on the delivery shoot (the ramp inside)? If so its #1 or #2. If the mess is only on the outside in the delivery area its #3.

Hope this helps


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i was informed by a customer that when my machine vends a can of soda sometimes the can gets cut on the metal tray that catches the soda. any suggestions on what the do to the tray to protect the can?


It may not be the tray, it might be further up the slide or in a specific column. First thing it find out if its only one selection or multiple selections. Do some test vending when you get that info and try to replicate the problem. If you get it replicated then do the same thing with the door open and catch the cans with your hand as they come down the slide. Once you get it narrowed to where in the machine the cans get punctured then a solution is much easier.

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