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Outdoor hot beverage machines & home-made outdoor preparing


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I am interested in vending for a few years, but I didn't have possibility to invest for that by new. I am from Poland, where outdoor vending is absolutely uncommon. I think it is prospective part of vending market, even though it's many problems there. I think mainly about hot beverage machines. I saw only two brands of vendors, that have fabric-prepared machines for outdoor (Sielaff, Selecta). It's my first question: do you know any other brands of outdoor vending machines?

The second problem is presumptive home-preparing machines for outdoor. Sielaff's vendors are very expensive as against of indoor ones (about €7000), I don't know Selecta prices as yet. Is that possible to prepare normal vending machine for outdoor? I think especially about protection against cold - temperature in Poland in winter falls max to -25 Celsius degrees (-13 Fahrenheit degrees). I want to coat machine inside by styrofoam or similar isolating material and mount heating, adapted from control cabinet heatings like that - http://www.lm-therm.de/en/produkte/industrial-heating/thermostat-controlled.html - is that good idea?

Vendors of course will be covered.

What about vandals? I consider if using reinforced machine, eg. Necta Astro P, is enough solution, am I right?

Thank you for other insights about that issue too. I will be thankful for information about popularity of outdoor vending in other countries, I think is so more popular than in Poland.

Sorry for my English :)

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First welcome to the forums. Here in Texas about the only outdoor vending we do is cold drinks, for obvious reasons. Here in the states manufactured equipment gets a UL (underwiter labratories)rating for indoor and/or outdoor use. Personally I would not try to convert a indoor designed machine to outdoor use. If something goes wrong and someone gets electrocuted you will likely has some pretty serious repercussions to deal with.

Vandalism is a pretty serious concern with outdoor equipment, extra locks as well as alarms and steel cages are all used in an effort to protect the equipment.

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