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Interesting Full Line Vending Stories


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I've been doing Full Line for 4 years now and have come across very funny, weird, scary and just plain creepy situations.

I'll start off with...

I was filling up a Gatorade vendor in a small community center in Piedmont, Alabama. I was still pretty new to the job and haven't built up a fast pace yet. The sudden urge to pee hit me! Nothing is worse than when nature calls and you're half way in the middle of filling a vendor.

So I start hustling these Gatorades in the machine as fast and as reckless as I can. I had filled a column of Orange Gatorade up and started back stacking the drink into a slower column. With the force that the bottles were getting slung bottom first into the machine caused one to rebound and bounce out of the machine.

Needless to say, a 20oz bottle of thirst quencher hit me hard plastic lid first right in the lip.

I had a swollen lip the rest of the day & made it to the bathroom.

I figured that I would start a thread and ask others to post their interesting stories, too!

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Had a guy call me at 2:00 am from one of our accounts and tell me that they were out of sporks so he couldnt eat some pintos his wife sent with him to work.....

FYI, sporks are half forks half spoons that vending companies provide most times free of charge at large accounts with cold food machines. 90% of these type free products (sporks, napkins, ketchup, mustard, salt pepper, etc) get used by folks not even buying our food products. It goes with the territory at these large accounts if you want them.

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