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Cold Call Locations


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Does anyone have a good script to do this? I have been cold calling but no luck so far. I have been calling mechanic shops etc

I try to be as quick and to the point as possible. Tell them you are (your first name) a local vendor just making some sales calls to check if they are happy with their current vending service or would like they to upgrade to one of your Free machines. Don't be surprised if they ask what you mean by vending...just toss out terms like Pepsi and Coke machines and they will be on the same page right away....With smaller locations they will also tell you right away. Then just move to the next one on your list.

If you are calling larger accounts its better to start with a letter to the Operations Manager or HR Department telling them about your service, send them to your website and then let them know you will be following up with a call to confirm that they received your information and answer any questions. If you don't know who the Operations or HR manager is just call the company and ask the operator letting her know you would like to send them a letter.

Often they will call you back if they are interested in changing vendors.

Hope that helps.


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Does anyone have a good script to do this? I have been cold calling but no luck so far. I have been calling mechanic shops etc

RJT helped me develop a very good script for hotels and we did some practice because

he is familiar with the common objections, rebuttals and various situations that will come up. he also gave me a lot of tips on my delivery (cadance, word choice and so on).

this did lead to me getting some appointments but based on the revenue outlook at these locations i decided to pass. i started a new job recently so i have not had much time to devote to making calls. i would not hesitate to recommend contacting rjt about phone script development he was a big help to me. i changed computers recently, so i dont have the script typed out anymore when i have some time i will retype it here,its not something i repeat verbatim but mainly a list of questions and some responses to common objections.

a good thing to try is cold call to places you DONT want. places you would never put a machine and pitch them. you will get comfortable making the pitch and handling various objections, and the advantage is if you get turned down who cares, you wont be placing a machine either way.

btw- can you quickly detail your current pitch? mechanic shops are generally yes or no i use them as the places i test out my pitch. the common objections are either they have a drink machine and are happy with the service, or they are tied to a corporate contract with their vending (places like tires plus, tire kingdom,etc..) basically theres nothing you can do about that.

also it seems like a lot of bottlers are coming in to smaller places with drink coolers instead of drink machines. I am not sure exactly how this works ive seen vendors at tire shops and a guitar center pushed out by a drink cooler. i guess they offer a bigger commission?

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I would like to start calling for new locations in various desired zip codes for Soda and Snack Vending machines placements.

What is the best industries I should target? I can handle large account also....

Thank You

anywhere you'd expect to find a lot of people...manufacturing, big call centers/telemarketing, healthcare (hospital,nursing home,etc..), distribution centers, hotels,college/dorms

on the lower end big tire shops or auto body (drinks only, stay away from snacks there unless u have a small machine like 12 select)

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