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fortune tellers & novelty games

condom kid

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just got on this forum again.does anybody operate novelty games out there,fortune tellers,strength testers ,love meters,weight scales?i am from canada,& operate some of these.right now some are at truck stop & some pizza shops.

any advise would be great.

thanks steve

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One of my competitors runs a whole gamut of impulse games- ranging from fortune tellers, love meters, strength testers, etc. He's got a whole mall kiosk dedicated to them. From my observation he does pretty well. I'd love to get into the racket, but the machines are expensive, and locations that would warrant them are few in my area. If you have a good, high-traffic spot, I would say go for it.

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I have A few of these machines

I have 4 from Impulse technologys

2 2 on 1 stand and one single grip

A gypsy and a strengh tester

And a dr Love.. (hilarious) and a Grip tester

then a single grip tester

If you see these used buy them they do make money every month

grip test makes more than love or gypsy but the combo on a stand average $40/20 a machine so $60.00 for both in 1 spot

they are worth it in every way. no maintance and no product.

and impluse makes great equiptment

you can get the doubles new for under $700.00 +/-

if you have room the larger Bull horn strength tester is steady earner

scales i dont have but would add if i found them used and good condition


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