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Looking back


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To motivate us new members and new vendors....i thought of this thread. Lets take some time and put some info on our background with vending. Many of you guys have started from 1 machine to a company. Tell us how you did it! Just follow the simple guidelines....

When did you start vending

Why you started vending or what made you try it

Did you do it all on your own? Partners? Family?

Your first locations and machines

Your best months and worst months

Did you ever want to call it quits?

How big your company has grown

How many machines and locations you have

What kind of inventory?

Garage? Warehouse? Vehicles?

How much gross are you making monthly?


What would you have done diferent?

Future goals?

Thanx for anyone who participates...the more detail the better. I love reading success stories especially in this hobby/business we enjoy. Im sure many of you will motivate me as well as many members here!

Let the stories begin!

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I guess I`ll start.I started vending around 5 years ago.I had a friend sell me a machine that I put in the restaurant that my family owns.it was a 4 way uturn.after a little while I bought a spiral too.after seeing the potential money to be made I decided to start my own candy route. later I realized that toy vending was more profitable and started heading in that direction.I spent many hours reading and asking questions on this forum.mainly I owe my success to Steve Caserri , for starting this forum and to a member that is no longer active nam.I have a few others to thank who have helped me along the way,it just depends if my questions were about bulk or full line.as far as locations go I usually try to get restaurants.I have about 55 locations.I have grown steadily over the years but the last 2 have been the best as far as growth.my wife helps me with my route.at one point or another we have both wanted to throw in the towel,furtunatly never at the same time.-I use mainly northwestern equipment.my advice is to read as much as you can,nost of your questions have been probably asked and answered a few times already.

I own a 1500 square foot warehouse.one of my mistakes was having to much inventory on hand.I had this issues mostly because I would buy the quantity needed to get the price break but not enough locations to move it quickly.I also would never buy enough displays.

I should have started with toys is one of the things I would have changed.I have no more goals for the year. as I have met all of the goals I set for myself for the year.

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