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Vendstar vandals


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My best location ($100+ a month) looks like kids are trying to steel product. I serviced it today and im missing about 10 dollars in coins according to my vends per product calculations. I found like 5 nickles and 6-8 dumb tokens and weird coins. Also a bunch of toothpicks and paperclips jammed in the coin mech and a broken door :(

Its still my best location by far. Im thinking of replacing it with my yellow solid xyz tripple. I wanted to bring it to the owners attention but didnt want him to get upset. Can a vendstar vend with nickles? Paper clips? Toothpicks? I should have had more candy or quarters in there. Especially since I made the wheels dispense less. This place has.luke 10 kids washing cars at a time. Open sundays too its always busy and people have to wait. Im thinking of putting a coke machine..

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