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Do you own a Genesis Vending Machine and looking for New Parts Cheap?


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If you own a Genesis vending machine and can't find parts, they wont sell you parts, or they are overpricing you email me.

apssale@hotmail.com I have better quality parts and cheaper. I will not rip you off like Genesis. We dont play their games like.......

(Ummm I never heard of that serial number duh!!!) or (we dont have your machine on file) or (lazy troubleshooting your machine so

you can spend hundreds of dollars to buy parts that have nothing to do with your machine issues)

I know how a lot of Genesis machine owners have had lots of problems and issues with their machines.

I am here to help anyone either with machine issues and/or save money and not get ripped off by Genesis.

By the way I do not work for them, never did, and I do not buy their refurbished old recycled parts.


Thank you!

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Hello Genesis Vending Machine Owners,

Just wanted to share with you all, that I sell brand new parts for Genesis vending machines. If you been looking for parts and Genesis will not help you, and are overpricing you for parts as they always have done, I am here to help. All the parts I sell are brand new, reasonably priced, way cheaper than Genesis, and never refurbished products. Also, if you have any questions about any issues with your Genesis vending machines, I am here to help any one troubleshoot. I am also in the business so I know how frustrating it can be sometimes to figure out some of these machine issues and how they operate. Please feel free to contact me at APSSALE@HOTMAIL.COM for new replacements PARTS or for any HELP. I sell KEYPADS, MOTORS, LOCKS WITH KEYS, COIN VALIDATORS, BILL VALIDATORS, AND OTHER PARTS. If you need other parts please let me know, I may have them in stock since I am constantly adding more parts.

Thank you

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One of the things the members of TVF do is to share information with each other about people they do business with. While I do not bear any ill will toward this individual I feel that as a moderator that it is important to share some information about this user. This user has been banned for using multiple handles as well as posting some very personal attacks on the moderators on TVF that have since been removed.

My advice to anyone looking for parts for ANY kind of equipment is to know who you are doing business with and to be careful when dealing over the internet.

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