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Which Pepsi bottlers carry Royal Vendors machines?


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As we should know, most Pepsi bottlers don't carry Royal Vendors machines. Typically, Pepsi bottlers use Dixie-Narco or Vendo.

I was wondering, does anyone know exactly which Pepsi bottlers use Royal machines? Almost all Coke bottlers use Royal (at least for their conventional stack machines, not glass-fronts), but does anyone know which Pepsi bottlers use Royal?

One that I know that has some Royal machines in their lineup is Pepsi Bottling Group of Puerto Rico, however, they also have Dixie-Narco machines as well (I have yet to see them install a Royal Merlin IV HVV, and glass-fronts are virtually non-existent in PR from the last time I was there).

Does anyone know of some other Pepsi bottlers carrying Royal machines? A Pepsi or Aquafina-branded Royal Vision might be an extreme rarity.

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Typically in the Northeast the bottlers swap between Dixie and Royal. We see very few Vendos from the bottlers. But can I ask, do you work for Pepsi? Six posts and all are Pepsi related.

No, I don't. I am just interested.

Vendo machines are very rare in Puerto Rico BTW; the last time I was there the only Vendos I saw were generic machines.

Here in Arizona, currently Coke is mostly doing Royal for conventional machines and Dixie-Narco (BevMax 4) for glass-fronts. There are a few Coke Vendo Vues and Royal Visions in a few places, however, most of the new glass-fronts are D-N BevMax 4s. For some strange reason though, Pepsi has specified LED lighting for their D-N BevMax 4s while Coke continues to specify fluorescent lighting (at least around here).

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