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Shade Tree Tips #5


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I don't know how many of you do maintenance on your mechs, but I do whenever I get the chance. I usually pop a fresh one in and bring a few back when servicing one of the routes. Then, when I get some down time, I take them apart and inspect them. Now take in mind some of these have been out for 2 years and need a good cleaning.

One of the things I use is carburetor & choke cleaner. I spray the area underneath the coin wheel and the back of the wheel. I use Q-tips to get all the fuzz, dirt, and old grease out. Use a file to remove any burrs or loose metal flakes on the wheel. Sometimes a Dremel with a rotary burr is used. After putting new grease on the mech, be sure the coin wheel turns smooth. I clean all the springs and dogs with scratch pads and reassemble. I also clean or replace any piece that is corroded with the white patina that builds up on them. Don't forget your screws.

I then use a little chrome polish and fine steel wool to keep them looking good. Double check to make sure they are working properly and then they go into the new box. With just a little bit of effort, this will reduce your service calls.

I also do this before putting any used machine that I have purchased out on the route.

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I have alot of coin mechs to clean, about 50. Would running the whole unit (coin mech + base) through the dishwasher clean the mech? Or does the mech have to be removed from the base unit?

They are A&A pm elites and PO89s. They are time consuming to completely dissemble. Can you clean the coin mech and the base all in one shot? I thought about purple power but it may eat all the plastic up, chute cover, chute, etc.

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