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  1. Old bulk hot nut machine

    Thought you guys might be interested in this. My wife's grandfather built a theater in a little town called Grangeville Idaho in 1930. Now my brother in law runs the theater. This old, electric, hot nut bulk machine was in the theater. One of the heads takes nickels, the other two take dimes. The dang thing still works too. Key is long gone but you can hear coins rattling around in there.
  2. Base for Dixie Narco 601E

    It's for sure a Mars although not certain which model.
  3. Base for Dixie Narco 601E

    What would one use for an external filter? A piece of furnace filter attached to the outside of the machine somehow?
  4. Base for Dixie Narco 601E

    I am worried about the dust. Initially I thought about one of those fiberglass pads that you sometimes see central air conditioning units at homes sitting on. We also have a lot of dust storms to go with the heavy equipment. I was wondering if I should put something say between the two boards, (or steel plates) to minimize the loose dust under the machine. Hardi backer? The cement under layment they use for tiles. Just a thought. I have a sheet of it on the ground in front of my lawn mower shed that has been walked and driven on for years. Seems like fairly tough stuff.
  5. Base for Dixie Narco 601E

    No it's not like that. It's packed road mix and against a building. Very solid surface. It will be under constant observation by the managers of the scale. It's in an enclosed 100 acre facility that is filled with heavy equipment moving past 5 days a week all day. Besides If it's not rock solid I won't do it.
  6. Base for Dixie Narco 601E

    Excellent idea thank you. So I have some 2 x 6's, is that not high enough? Do I need to go with the 4 x 6's? Thanks very much.
  7. Hello, I am putting a DN601E next to a heavily trafficked truck scale at a grain and corn storage facility. I am putting it outside on the north side of the scale house facing the scale. Unfortunately the north side is not paved, but is packed road mix. Is there anything handy I could or should use as a base for the machine? I have thought of a couple things. Possibly 4, 12" x 12" but 1 1/2" landscape pavers, one on each corner. Or possibly a sheet of hardi backer concrete board. This is what is used as a flooring underlayment for tile. Any other ideas from you experienced guys on here? Should I place a pad like that or can I just put it on the gravel? Thank you
  8. Vendstar 3000 disassembly?

    That's what I did. Didn't improve any yellowing. Make sure that 100 percent of the water is out of the candy wheels before you put product in. I had to adjust them anyway so I took them apart and dried them thoroughly.
  9. Vendstar 3000 disassembly?

    Ran mine through the dishwasher, no heat dry. Got Krylon paint and viola.
  10. Lipstick on a pig

    I didn't take them apart. Just took them off. I had new doors for the chutes so I painted them separately and installed them later. It was really quite easy and didn't take long. Let's see it when you're done. I have two more to paint and I'd like to see a different paint scheme.
  11. Smart Snacks List

    Yeah it's nice. I work in Boise but live on our family farm about 30 miles out of town. There are 15 wineries within 5 miles of my house. It's very nice.
  12. Smart Snacks List

    Thanks for the link. I live in Idaho. I'm betting we just go by the minimum of what the Feds say but I'll have to check. Thanks.
  13. Smart Snacks List

    I don't think the government should tell anyone what they can and cannot consume as food. I work in law enforcement at a large school that has 100's of refugees. Every kid that has two nickels to rub together goes to a fast food joint for lunch, (unhealthy food, dangerous teen driving etc). The vending machines which are on commission now get a fraction of the business, and the cafeteria is basically filled with refugees who throw MASSIVE quantities of food away. Not to mention it's bound to create a division between the classes of kids that have to stay and eat and ones that have enough money to leave. I have taken photos of rows of garbage cans filled with uneaten school cafeteria pizza. Whole wheat crust and fat free cheese. Still plenty of fat kids walking around too I notice. I have 3 sons. All play football, basketball, and baseball year round. Their mother makes huge sack lunches for them every day. That seems the best solution to me. They get enough of the food they like and they're not driving around town buying cheap stuff at a convenience store during school. Is this where I say, "rant over"?
  14. Smart Snacks List

    thanks for that