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Any ideas on how to get new locations?



I am looking for new ideas on how to get locations. I have tried call lists such as sales genie, ect. I have used locators but have not had much luck with them. I have also tried cold calling over phone as well as visiting in person. ANY IDEAS??


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This is more suitable over in the forums not the blogs. However there are literally hundreds of threads on this. I suggest looking at locating under Ultimate beginners thread or use the amazing search engine this forum has!!! You'll get hundreds of results and answers!

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My favorite method which I find most affective is look a location up in the yellow pages, get some intel, and then meet with either the owner or manager. I tend
To get a higher approval rating by having some knowledge ahead of time instead of going in blind

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I hired someone off of CL to go out and get locations I told them $35 for each location.

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