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Bulk Route Manager

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About This File

Here is an Excel spreadsheet that sold on eBay a couple years ago. It was marketed as a bulk vending route manager. It is a simple way to keep track of the basic details of a small route.


Route Manager

Easy Use Instructions

Note: The first ticket listed in your service record is filled in as an example. You may use it as a reference or, once you are more comfortable with the format, you can fill it in with one of your own locations.

Description of Features

The Service Account Number (ex. sa0001): This number is located at the top left of every ticket. It is used to identify each account. It is therefore a quick and easy identifier when pulling up existing accounts.

Map: The “Map” is used to physically locate your account. Simply add the map code to your account’s address in this space. You can find the map code to your account’s address by looking up the address in the back of a map book. The best map book in my opinion is The Thomas Guide but any map or map book will do.

Address: Enter the address of your account here.

Phone: Enter your account’s phone number here.

Hours: Enter your account’s open hours here.

Service: Enter how often your machine needs to be serviced. For example, you may have a real busy location which needs to be serviced on a monthly basis. You could simply write “monthly” in this space. A slower location may be better serviced “bimonthly.”

Key: Enter the color and code (if any) of your machine’s key. You may end up with different keys as your route grows and this will save you a lot of headaches.

Date: Enter the date in which you service your account.

Bag#: When you service your machines, the easiest way to collect your money is with a bag. You can even use large zip lock bags. Write a number on each bag, making sure to have enough bags to service your route for the day. When you service your location grab any of the bags (it doesn’t matter what number it is) and collect your coins. When you return to your car write down on your ticket what bag number or numbers you used. When you go home to count your money you’ll know exactly which bag goes to which location.

Lft. M. Rt.: These represent the type of candy in each head or section of your machine. If you have a double head just fill in the type of candy for the left and right head. If you have a trivend, fill in the type of candy for the left, middle and right section.

Lft$ Rt$: These symbols represent how much money you collect from each respective section on your machine. If you have a trivend, there will be only one section for your coins to fall into and you can therefore just fill in the amount on one side. This will help you to monitor the productivity of each particular candy and allow you to make any necessary adjustments.

Comments: Any important notes may be filled in here.

Total: Your account’s monthly running total will automatically be added here for you. This will make your job a little easier come tax time.

Getting Your Tickets Ready!

You are almost ready to go service your machines, but first…

1. Enter your account’s name, map code, address, phone#, hours, service frequency, key code, map code, and candy type for each location you have.

2. Print your tickets. I have found that 8½” by 11” white “card stock” paper works the best. It is thick and durable and easy to take with you.

1. Go to File

2. Go to print

3. Go to print range and click on “pages from”

4. Look at the service ticket number or “sa number.” This number is also the page number. Type pages from 1 to 1 if your ticket number is sa0001.

5. Click O.K.

Congratulations! you’re ready to go service you’re machines!

When You Return.

To find your accounts quickly using your Route Manager…

1. Go to Edit.

2. Click on Find

3. Type either:

A. The location name
B.Or type the sa number. (Remember the sa number is much quicker and easier to use.)

4. Click on Find Next. (You should now be at your desired ticket.)

5. Enter your service data.

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