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  1. http://www.vend-resource.com/sites/default/files/national_167-8_267-8_764-5_784-9_797-9_prog_manual.pdf
  2. Hello, i am looking for the same thing and i see nobody answered! have you found it somewhere?
  3. thanks for the feedback. Seems parlevel is the way to go! i am going to check them out. i am currently on Vendsoft. It would require changing the entire VMS not just adding hardware.
  4. Hello, I am always looking at ways to improve the business. I would love to integrate an online/ cloud system with real live data of my machine. If not live, i would like to be able to download all the dex data by bluetooth or wifi when at the machine. I saw the cantaloup system which according to the website is an all integrated software and hardware for the vending machine. Has anybody tried it? how good is it? what is the monthly cost on top of the hardware? does it work with wifi or just celular data? Any info would be great.
  5. I use Vendsoft from the beginning too. I love the cloud base system and the possibility to create "trip" and have my guys use their smartphone to do their work. Few comments: - hard to have it sync with dex data - app is pretty basic - some issues with the full website when viewing on my iphone Overall, i highly recommend this software to all small and medium size operations.
  6. Hello, I am getting my first sensit III unit. I have 10 sensit II unit. Any of you have had experience with these machines? What are the main difference? Better, same reliability as sensit II etc? Any feedback would be great!
  7. i like the idea of the safe in the truck. I am moving towards the employees removing the full bill stacker and replace with an empty one. These are pretty bulky unti and the size of the safe might be too big for 8-10 of them.
  8. Big van. I like the upper shelves. I have a much smaller van with my logo. What do you guys think about the logo. It makes it more visible (got about 3 leads to put machines) but also more visible for people looking at the product and money we transport. That is my van down here:
  9. thanks again for the tip! I contacted the guy but they asked for 500$. If ound one that looks legit for 375$.... hopefully wont leave with my machine! His name is John. if he is good, i will recommend him and post picture of the load i am supposed to receive.
  10. Down here, i cannot trust the delivery to deliver the actual order... i would definitely need recording for this delivery room. I am thinking about this as i am building the warehouse. It is a nice problem to have... however, prices here are lower than what you can get in the US. My gross operating margin is around 44%... net, it is coming down to around 18%.
  11. hello southeast treats. The idea to have part of the warehouse accessible with a code for supplier is a very good one! How do you ensure no stealing between suppliers in this delivery room? How many people do you have for the 90 machines? Here the service rate is pretty high, i need to refill every 2 days.... good for cash flow but a lot more work for the team too.
  12. thanks for you replies. I have decided to go for a small van available here. I highly underestimated the size of the warehouse. I had 180sqft for 7 machines. I am now going to 14 machines and soon 25 and getting a warehouse extension of 1200sqft. We are pre packing for the trips which is nice. The warehouse is a bit of a mess. I started with shelves with the name sof the products, but as the promotions come and go, i am a lot more of a certain product and less of others etc so it is not working in my current restricted area. I hope to be able to improve that in the future extension with a lot more space allocated per supplier. My drinks don't come in skids... i am not sure what i need to do to have them delivered in skids but it sounds like a good idea. Also, i underestimated the amount of trash i would be producing. I have a lot of carton for recycle and working now on a non profit organization to come pick them up every 2 weeks. With regard to my van, the van is too small for putting shelves. We are working with plastic crates. I would have like to have a van big enough for shelves and a ramp. maybe in the future. I would still take any tips on the matter as i think it is not discussed enough!
  13. Hello, I am new on this forum. I run a vending machine business down in Nicaragua. But i get most of my machines parts etc in ths USA. I am looking for someone who can transporte vending machine combo (AMS 39 VCB) from Sanford Florida to Miami. I need to move 1 machine this week. Let me know if you know a company or someone doing this. thanks
  14. hello everybody, i am starting a vending business in nicaragua. i already have vendsoft up and running. i am now on wharehouse and truck design. i onky have 13 machines but i am planning to scale to 50 machines within 1-2 years. i want to do the wharehouse and delivery truck design right from the beginning. - advice on sorting, tools, design for the wharehouse - design and advice for the delivery cart and truck All your experience and advices are very welcome!