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Puppy Bowl VIII

Jax Snacks

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To kill a little time, been watching this classic K9 match on Animal Planet – just can’t take these 6 hour pre-game shows!

Those puppies have a lot of heart, but some have made key mistakes that have stalled some good drives.

One drive was stalled after an illegal retriever downfield penalty!

Another was called for unnecessarily ruff-ruff-ing and was benched!

And the chippie play has led to numerous dog collar tackles – no horsing around either!

After one scoring drive, a puppy dumped some “matter” and was called for an illegal celebration personal foul – no props allowed in celebrations!

Some of these pups may end up in the coach's dog house if they don't straiten up!

OK, enough of this. Just waiting for the real game to start. But if the game gets boring, Puppy Bowl VIII will be on all night on APL! Feel free to add more corny comments as needed!

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