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The "Client Area" explained


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I would like to take a moment to spotlight an area of the forum that most of you are not aware of. The Client Area. While not an essential area of the forum, it can be an informative area for those who wish to stay connected to any transactions they've made with TVF.

The Client Area can be found in the drop down menu that appears when you click on your screen name in the upper right corner of the site. When you arrive in the client area, you will see the overview page with the following options displayed in the left navigation menu...

  • Purchases - This page will display a history of any purchases you've made from our store.
  • Invoices - This area will provide you a list of any invoices (paid or otherwise) that were generated on your account. An example of an unpaid invoice would be a store purchase that you'd like to pay by check.
  • Support - This area is used to communicate with forum administration for any reason. Your conversations will be archived here and retreivable at any time making this a preferred method of contact.
  • Donations - This area will provide you a complete list of every donation you've made to TVF.
  • Referrals - This area provides several options for you if you'd like to promote TVF to your friends. Options include code for both text and banner ads that can be used anywhere on the web. All referrals are tracked and you receive credit for each referral.
  • Billing Information - This is an optional area where you can store your shipping information. This is most useful for when you make a donation that would entitle you to a physical item. Since there is no option for shipping info on the donation, having this info saved in your account would make getting your item to you much easier.

And thats it! The Client Area explained.

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