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Success with Online Ads?


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With my webhosting site, I received $75 credit for Google Adwords and $50 credit for Facebook ads.

Has anyone in the vending industry had success with advertising their businesses online? From my perspective, I see vending as a very personal, face-to-face industry, and other than having a web presence don't really see potential customers coming to my site from web ads.

However, not one to cut off my nose to spite my face, I'm using the free credits available to attempt to draw traffic to my new site. Worst case scenario, I'll get some backlinks from my ads, causing an increase in SEO.

Has anyone else used online ads to promote their businesses? If you have used it, have you had any success? And by success, I define as getting someone to click the ad and travel to the site. Beyond that, you can't blame the ad for lack of follow through if your site does not meet your potential customers expectations.

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