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Great deal on vendstar 3000's?


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Im gonna be looking to get into bulk vending soon but we have a family emergency and my mom is in a coma (4weeks now) in the hospital so I cant really think about doing that now, but I found an interesting deal from an ad in craiglist in Maine if anyone is interested. Not sure I should post this here but if it helps someone ill be happy.


Triple head vending machines - $30 (Saco)

Date: 2012-02-15, 9:24PM EST

Reply to: bx3qf-2853759950@sale.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Vendstar 3000's. Currently have 20.

$30 per or $750 for all.

  • Location: Saco

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sorry to hear about your mom. i hope everything turns out ok.

thanks for sharing that deal. i think it is pretty darn slick.

Thank you so much Jimmy for the well wishes for her, The doctors initially gave her a 1% chance to live and they suggested that we should remove lifesupport for her, we went back home and got a second opinion and this was a few weeks back. Since then she has yawned twice, smiled and even cried when my older bro talked to her. Im praying that she wakes up but this could be a long process, but this is much better then the 1% they gave her.

Yea the vendstar is a great deal. I would have grabbed it if it wasnt for everything going on. My long term goal is to find the 1800 triple heads at a great price but those are tough to find also.

This forum has so much good bulk vending info that I have been soaking it up like a sponge :)

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20 vendstars X $20.00(per)=$600.00

Why $750.00 if you buy the lot? Also if you do a little more reading here you will learn vendstars are only made to vend candy and you are going to always be stuck at .25 cents..If you plan on going into the bulk vending business it would be a smarter choice to purchase machines that are capable of vending candy, gumballs, and capsules. Vendstars may be good for you to get your feet wet and introduced into vending at a cheap price.

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In terms of a deal, I have seen Vendstars selling for as low as $10 each (too far away to buy) and have paid $35 (with a gb wheel) for some machines and $20 for others with candy wheels and would not pay more than $25 each. Make sure you get locks and keys. The math does seem a bit fuzzy - $30 each or buy them all for $37.50 each??

I agree with Nick505's comments as I am using them as a "gateway" machine into the vending world and am already thinning my fleet on Ebay and moving toward 1800 machines and singles. I'll withhold the Vendstar editorializing....

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