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Well I bought 9 XYZ triples, 1 XYZ single, and a 9 column table top snack machine.. off a guy who had them on a route.. well he took them off the route and put them in his garage..I payed 200.00 for everything.. I placed the rest..thinking well they will make some cash on my route..all I can say is the machines are built nice but the coin mechs are JUNK!

I have had 3 ...yes 3 in less than a month break..all three the same problem.. the lever on the top right back will shear off and than you can turn the mech backwards to empty the machine.. I have been lucky and all three locations have called as soon as they found out but now they need replaced and I would like to buy a couple extras to have on hand..I had one extra mech that came with the lot..

So my question..does anyone have four (4) xyz coin mechs to sell? Im in need of them since XYZ isnt in business now..please let me know and i can paypal the money..thanks!

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Hey I have the same issue with these machines. The coin mechs break in the exact spot you've described.

You can get new mechs as suggested above from gumball.com but they are $30/each. I've got a few broken ones torn apart on the kitchen table now and am trying to fix them myself.

Let me know if you have ever found a less expensive solution, or a fix. If I come up with a fix, I will report back.

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